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Ricardo Casate Fernández, José A Senso (2013) The Landscape of Open Access Journals in Cuba: the Strategy and Model for its Development, Open Access and Digital Libraries, p. 89-112, Alemania: De Gruyter Saur

ResumenAccess to scientific information constitutes an essential element in accelerating the implementation of new knowledge, fostering innovation, and contributing to the quality of research (European Commission, 2007; Houghton et al., 2009); as well as the performance of assessment studies supporting the implementation of policies related to science, technology, and innovation. Scientific journals have been the most frequent channel used by the scientific and academic community for information release (SQW-Limited, 2003); but it must be born in mind that “the advances in information and communication technologies are adversely affecting the traditional models of scientific communication changing in a radical way the capacities of reproduction, distribution, control, and publication of the information” (Houghton, et. al., 2009). In this regard, the changes experienced in the last few years by the system of scientific communication, with the emergence and rapid development of the open access initiative that promotes free access without barriers to the scientific knowledge, cannot be ignored (Gómez Dueñas, 2005; Melero, 2005). Open access helps to increase the generation of new knowledge by facilitating on-line access to information. It represents a significant change from the qualitative and quantitative point of view in relation to the traditional model of scientific communication (Alonso, Subirats and Martínez Conder, 2008; Guédon, 2006; Harnad, 2003; Keefer, 2007; Weitzel, 2005; Yiotis, 2005). The strategies and interoperability model proposed in the following article offer the possibility of using different routes and architectures for building services that contribute to a better organization and visibility of the content produced by the scientific and academic institutions of a territory or country.