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Nieves González-Fernández-Villavicencio (2015) ROI en medios sociales: campañas de marketing en bibliotecas, El profesional de la información 24(1), p. 22-30

ResumenOrganizations should include social media marketing as a part of a digital marketing plan. Traditionally the benefits obtained fromsocial media marketing have been associated with not economical ROI, i.e., social ROI (return on influence, return on relationships, return on collaboration, reputation, branding, etc.). This study addresses the use of digital marketing campaigns by libraries for social profitability, i.e., obtaining conversions to more readers and more circulation. Concepts related to digital marketing and social media marketing, and the way different types of organizations, business and libraries use them in order to get ROI, are reviewed. The marketing benefits for libraries are presented, along with three case studies about promotion and marketing campaigns in university libraries in Spain that show how libraries can improve and increase the use of their services and products beyond their expectations with a marketing campaign of only three months.
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