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Nieves González-Fernández-Villavicencio (2013) La reputación corporativa de las bibliotecas en los medios sociales, Item: Revista de biblioteconomia i documentació 57, p. 97-110, COBDC

ResumenThe presence of organizations in social media is reaching a degree of maturity and, at the same time, it increases the need to manage reputation online, due to the impact of social media in a digital and networked environment. Libraries, as any other type of organizations, need to have a social media plan, in order to ensure proper management of digital identity and brand reputation, increase their prestige and influence in this environment –engagement and advocacy in stakeholders–, and establish the priorities for an eventual crisis by appropriate resources. In any case, we have to articulate a serie of indicators that seeks to evaluate the library’s reputation and influence for the purpose of decision-making.
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