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Nieves González-Fernández-Villavicencio, María-Isabel Domínguez-Aroca, Antonio Calderón-Rehecho (2013) State of the Art of Information Literacy in Spanish University Libraries and a Proposal for the Future, Worldwide Commonalities and Challenges in Information Literacy Research and Practice, p. 288-294, Springer International Publishing

ResumenThe design of new curricula, as a result of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), and new teaching methodology has meant an opportunity to overhaul traditional training provided by Spanish University Libraries (SUL). The aim of this paper is to report the state of affairs of training in information management competency over the past three years in Spanish University Libraries and to present the role of REBIUN (Spanish University Library Network). For this purpose, a diagnosis of the current situation has been carried out. This will enable to have a vision of the practices as well as of the consolidation level of the different training models on Information Competency (IC) and Computing Competency and Information Skills (IC2), taking into account good practices of a number of reference and cutting-edge libraries within the Spanish panorama.
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